Jaguar InControl Route Planner App Reviews

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I’m a jag owner and want to use this app. It requires a jag acct password. Where do I get that or register ?

Second Rate Planner

Complicated interface, not user friendly. Constantly can’t find the vehicle. Inferior by a long shot compared to Apple CarPlay. Very disappointed.

It's ok would prefer Apple car play instead to use Waze

Can not add/edit location name on app or website. Side note, make sure your car software is updated. Did not see fastest route option. The software engineers never get real world needs correct.

Won't recognize addresses or place names

Awful. Type in an address, it says it's not recognized. Start typing in the name of the business, the search logic finds it, then click and it tries to take you to a place in Germany, or England, or....very strange and makes the app practically useless. It's 2017, get on the ball.

Ok but needs improvement

I use this app a lot. Generally very handy. As mentioned by reviewer below occasionally cause route download loop in ICTP but I think that has to do with ICTP somehow seeing an available route for download before 3G or hotspot internet connection up. My biggest complaint is the vehicle location is never correct. It can show as much as 20 miles from actual parked location. Since at same time Remote app shows accurate location they must rely on different communication channels. It seems like routing function doesn't "call home" or the cloud frequently enough. Route Planner only shows correct location about 10% of time. A good addition would be putting in a bunch of waypoints then an optimize journey button that puts in best travel order. A really nice future addition in app or more likely on website would be being able to import and export locations in something like KML. My Pioneer unit has this and very handy. update: very much improved after ICTP update. biggest missing feature is ability to edit favorites names, can only do in vehicle. Should be able to do in app or Here website. Update Feb 2017: with replacement of my faulty telematics units this app now shows accurate location for my vehicle nearly 100% of time. Now Remote doesn't which is a weird switch. I use this app all the time to plan my route/stops ahead of going to vehicle. Works well. Only complaint is that recently it tried to take me on a remote Colorado mountain pass road that is closed in winter. Not really apps fault but is a general problem with HERE mapping/routing data.

Please Add Full Siri for ICTP Users

Given the lack of voice integration with the nav in the car, adding Siri abilities to this app would be a nice work around.

Severely Flawed, Restricts Phone Use, Slow

Enclosed are comments regarding the InControl architecture as well as Navigation and Remote. Note that one cannot use the route planner without the InControl Touch Pro even though one purchased Navigation. All entries must be manually entered on screen and there is no phone integration other than verbal Bluetooth directional status. Having used the InControl App for 3 weeks I am sorely disappointed in Jaguar/Land Rover. The InControl App is so horrendous, I regret my vehicle purchase. For example, For example, there is NO texting integration. This is a serious design flaw that when coupled with a locked phone design flaw is completely unacceptable. InControl requires the phone to be tethered/plugged in to function. Not so with Apple CarPlay. Your device is locked with a tethered image. If one locks their phone (to save screen use) or attempts to go to the phone home screen or other phone function the InControl features stop functioning meaning they do not run in the background. Horrendous design flaw. Further, safety features are disabled when InControl is in use. For example, Park Assist beeping does NOT function when playing audio. Yet another horrendous design flaw. I have not tested for other design flaws but frankly I'm done already. If you have not purchased one of these fine vehicles yet, consider these limitations before you purchase - these certainly would have influenced my purchase decision. Likewise, the Remote functionality is reasonable but flawed by excessive identification time. My vehicle status just took 60 seconds. Consider this, count to 60 with the intent of starting your car, getting into your home, etc. the delay is unacceptable. Furthermore, one may not control temperature after the vehicle is started. Kudos though to successful operation in an underground parking facility. Be sure to read on for the core InControl architecture.

Actually crashes car software

The current version of this app, when used to create a route for sharing with your car (FPace), will cause the in-car InControl Touch Pro system to show an alert in a loop and lock you out of navigation. This is an issue that Jaguar Land Rover has known about since April and still exists on vehicles/software being sold to customers as of December 2016. I would not use this app at great risk of breaking the navigation software in your car, I wish I had not.

Does not work with ictp

This app is a good concept but does not work with the ictp. Causes it to bug out

Doesn't work

100% time you can not transfer dir cation from phone to the car, my Fpace

Causes ICTP in the car to Crash

Great concept. But when I try to plan a route and then go to my car, the NAV system in the car picks up the route and then gets locked into a loop from which I cannot escape. Once the InControl Touch Pro system sees the route it offers you two choices; Ignore or Accept. Accepting the route causes the screen to flash and the NAV to jump quickly from a Map view back to Ignore / Accept screen. If you choose Ignore, nothing happens. The ICTP gets stuck like this until you turn off the car and wait about 10 minutes, and don't forget to cancel the route in this app or it will lock you up again! Jaguar has tons of bugs in their new infotainment system. They should have gone with Apply Car Play instead of trying to invent the wheel.

User not found

App still doesn't work after the update. Now it doesn't recognize the jaguar incontrol profile as existing so can't pass the login page.

Love the destination sync with the XJ!

Old school "send to car" is officially dead!

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